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I’m Chris Thoo and this is my digital corner to store some of the best stuff (I think) that includes both my work and personal content (and rants).

Personally, I’m a happily married husband to my beautiful and supportive wife, Ann and a proud father of two amazing (and cheeky) sons, Han Yang & Han Ter. Hence, this blog is partially dedicated to them and all the wonderful people who loved me, supported me and cared for me especially my parents, brothers and their family members.

Hewlett-Packard Sales Malaysia
IT Application Support Specialist
  • Providing Level 1 support to all HP internal staffs.
  • PC and notebook Troubleshooting.
  • Hardware and Software technical support.
  • Network access administrator.
Hewlett-Packard Sales Malaysia
Technical Consultant for Consumer Division (Imaging-Printing Group)
  • Organise on-site and off-site trainings for resellers and business partners nationwide.
  • Assist Sales Team in Pre-sales.
  • Provide product technical support to both HP Internal and External staffs.
  • Support the marketing department in road shows and other events.
  • Provide surveys and competitive reports to the sales team.
  • Escalation Manager for CCHS (HP Compliment & Complaint Handling System)
  • Web Administrator for HP-First E-Learning website (hp-first.com).
  • Work closely with the HP Product Demo Centre team for product loaning purposes 
 (For events and roadshows).
Event Plus Marketing Sdn Bhd
Business Development Manager / Web & Creative Designer
  • Create different brand conceptualization for corporate clients.
  • Lead the Creative Department in Graphic & Web Designing.
  • Organise on-ground events & activities for corporate clients.
  • Event Project Management (Roadshows, Concerts & other nationwide projects).
  • Talent engagement for stage performances.
  • Work closely with advertising companies and other production companies.
  • Design flash banners for existing clients especially for their current promotions..
  • Provide suitable & required layouts of websites for clients (Web Branding & Web Awareness).
  • Web Programming for clients who need advance websites.
  • Provide storyboards of designs for clients in term of products, corporate branding, 
 presentations & roadshows.
Crescent Edge Consultants Sdn Bhd
Creative Director
  • Business Owner of the SME Business.
  • Pitch project presentations to prospective clients.
  • Liaise with existing team and external parties on project development.
  • Responsible for the quality of the final creative work.
Trident Shield Sdn Bhd
Creative Director
  • Business Owner of the SME Business with business partners under the VISIBER Group of Companies.
  • Pitch creative presentations to prospective clients.
  • Develop and grow defined target market.
  • Understand the ideas and opinions of his/her team in a respectful/critical manner
  • Make decisions in a deadline driven environment in the most efficient way as possible.
  • Coordinate with the team in an accurate conceptual direction of where the project needs to go 
and involving their team in constant creative/brainstorming sessions is crucial.
  • Learn new skills and strategies from fellow workers and how to apply those to future projects.
  • Responsible for the quality of the final creative work.
Prolific Scope Sdn Bhd
Founder, Strategic Business Advisor for Digital Marketing
  • Project Pitching: Client and supplier negotiation for my company's cost and profit control.
  • Customer Acquisition: Sales closure and lead conversion. It is easier for me to acquire new
    customers because I am familiar with the technicalities and backend of the Internet.
    I share all related knowledge to my customers and this has been one of the key success for my
    customer acquisition.
  • E-Commerce: The design and development itself and also customer presentation and training.
  • Project Campaign: I manage projects that may or may not be related to the Internet.
  • P&L Management: Since I am running my own company. I deal closely with my existing
    secretariat and accounting company for related financial reporting. I am using my own finance
    and project management system to manage my current business.

Professionally, I currently run my own digital marketing agency in Malaysia called Prolific Scope Sdn Bhd. Individually, I have been building websites, e-commerce and customised web-based solutions since 2006.